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Health Insurance in Malaga and Cordoba. Avoid waiting lists, choose your doctor or hospital center and dispose of the care you deserve.

Previsión Médica, S. A. is an Insurance Company specialising in personal insurance and, particularly, in medical insurance.

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We have been taking care of the health of our insured since 1955. We are a leading company providing coverage in health insurance in Malaga and Cordoba. We offer medical insurance adapted to each need. In terms of health, trust in a friendly company like Previsión Médica.

Previsión Médica started operating over 60 years ago and since then we have been loyal to our spirit of service and personal assistance to the people we insure, creating a professional reputation that precedes us.

seguros medicos

Previsión Médica has an extensive medical directory with over 2,000 experts and has agreements established with all the major and most reputable clinics and hospitals of the Costa del Sol, Malaga and Cordoba.

We have an ample network of offices and agencies spread between the provinces of Malaga and Cordoba. Having such a high number of professionals with us allows us to provide a wide range of products within all areas of health, from the most basic such as medical consultation, to the most advanced medical, therapeutic and surgery specialisations.

seguros medicos

We are an insurance company who understands your needs and have available the best medical directory so that you receive the medical attention you deserve. No matter what your requirements may be, we have a health plan for you and your family.

All of this would not be possible without the trust of the thousands of clients who, year on year, have Previsión Médica as their "all time" insurance company, leaving their health in our hands and ensuring a better quality of life for themselves.


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